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I came home this weekend to spend some time with my mom. This morning she took me to a great little produce place in the Ephrata area called Fruitastic. For anyone living around that region, I’d recommend checking it out. They have a variety of quality fresh fruits and vegetables for low prices. For example, I bought 8 apples for $2 and 8 lemons for $2.

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Anytime I am with my mom, we have the best “car ride” conversations. We were talking about how sometimes the goals and plans we make for ourselves do not always satisfy us or makes us happy the way we think they would upon achieving them. My mom was sharing with me about this story she had read about a man who was always working toward achieving something because THEN he would be happy. If I achieve this then I’ll be happy, if I get this then I’ll be happy, if only…if only…  This man longed to drive a Ferrari. His dream came true after receiving a promotion at work; now he was finally the one sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Over time, however, this car was becoming more of a burden with the expensive upkeep and the attention and demands that the car and his “new friends” made on him. The man thought this car would be his total source of happiness- his pride and joy- but after the “newness” wore off, this man began asking himself, “Will I ever be happy and satisfied?”

I think the majority of us understand that material gains usually don’t bring long term happiness. I actually find that I resonate with the story more when I think of it in terms of future plans.  If I get into this grad school, then I’ll be able to have my dream job. If I didn’t have to worry so much financially, then I’d be more content. The reality of my situation is that I chose to study and get my degree in a field that is not known for high salaries. I chose to attend a private college knowing I’d have more loans to pay off. I chose to remain living in an area 40 minutes away from where I work knowing the commute would probably get “old” real fast. But that’s just it…there will always be “trade-offs.” I love learning about the human science fields, I’m thankful for the opportunities I was able to experience while attending college, and I’m glad I didn’t move from the area right away because then I wouldn’t have met some of the people who have become so important in my life. Let me clarify: I’m not saying my goal to attend grad school to further my education wouldn’t bring some sort of satisfaction and bring about more opportunities. I’m also not saying that having a little more financial security wouldn’t help to ease some stress. But what I am continuing to learn and discover is that the most truest form of happiness (for me personally) is gained when whatever it is, is experienced with those I care most about; what I do with my life is only half of the equation, but who I’m with when I’m doing it is really the more important half.

Current Listen: I Feel it All by Feist

Currently Learning: Enjoying the present moment is not always easy to do…



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