saturday morning musings

A year ago in January, I had been going on many ‘winter runs’ bearing but also enjoying the cold air hitting my face. I was attending college at that time; it was my final semester before graduating and I had much on my mind. Thinking about the future is not one of my favorite past times. Quite frankly, it makes me anxious. See, I’m not a very detail-oriented person, more of the ‘bigger picture, let’s just go for it’ type of person. Some people may call that reckless decision-making. However, so far in my life it has proved to lead me to exciting opportunities. Anyways, back to my ‘winter runs.’ For about a week straight,  I ran to the same spot each and every time.

Before I continue, I want you to close your eyes and picture two roads perpendicular to one another forming two right angles, one on the right side and one on the left. You come to a stop sign where the road you have been running on comes to an end. You can either decide to go left or right, but you no longer have the choice to go straight unless you want to run into the tree right in front of you into an open, chaotic mess of a field. Have the image? Good.

To get to that particular location, it’s all a slow, steady incline. I kept my eyes up and focused on my destination. And just when my legs began to feel the ‘burn,’ I could see it, the finish point- the large tree just straight ahead. And I would start running faster and faster – because I knew once I reached the point where the road ended, everything around me would become quiet and still. For a brief moment, my mind felt empty, noiseless. And finally after a few days of running to the same spot, experiencing the silence and running back- ‘it clicked.’ After racing again to the tree once it was in sight, I halted at the stop sign and I had a choice: either turn left or turn right and follow comfortably on the paved path OR go straight where there was no paved path, just an open field of possibilities.

Sometimes my path for myself wants to look a lot like the comfortable, paved road. But I don’t believe His plan for my life looks much like that path. I think it looks more like the open field. And even though I often feel like I’m aimlessly wandering and spontaneously making big decisions, I continue to trust and continue to grow in excitement. Life is one big unknown journey. It’s about going and doing. Keep your heart set on the big picture and the Universe will take care of the rest of the details.

Also, I forgot how much I love french toast AND Saturday morning breakfasts.


Current Read: Orange is the New Black  a memoir by Piper Kerman

Current Listen: Life by The Avett Brothers


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