what really matters

Yesterday evening as I was staring up at the sky, admiring all of the stars (and looking for the space station that was expected to travel over us at that time), I felt a quietness- no thoughts, no noise, just stars and the vastness of what was above. Something so great, so large, so infinite. I felt so small, but not in a bad way. Small in the sense that, that blemish on your face that decided to appear at the most inconvenient time in the most inconvenient place on your face really does not matter in the scheme of things. Small in the sense that, that bad day you were having which just got worse because you are stuck in a traffic jam and a car cut you off also really does not matter. Why do we allow such trivial things make us feel self-conscious, put us in a bad mood, or ruin the rest of our day? Answer: Well, I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps because we are human and flawed. That’s the best I got. Perhaps we should all stare at the sky a little bit more often- or maybe it’s just me that thinks that. But honestly, it’s like the best type of therapy. Ever.

On another note, I realize that I have failed at regularly posting on my blog. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s more like I’ve been busy moving and haven’t had much free time set aside for blogging. I’m not here to make excuses. I wanted to create and maintain this blog to prove to myself that I could commit and finish something I started. But rather than making this “project” stressful because I didn’t post that week or this week, I’ll post when I’m able, as often as I’m able. You know why? Because in the scheme of things, does it really matter if I go a whole month without posting? NO. Why? Just take a look at the sky and then you’ll understand.

One last thing. Picnics are great, especially when kept simple. The other day I enjoyed a picnic along the river. This was something I wanted to do since I’d be moving out of the area and would not be able to frequent that area as much. It was nice. Relaxing. Just what I needed. We prepared pitas with hummus and a variety of veggies shoved inside (to the max.) accompanied by ‘fruit cups’ containing watermelon and red grapes. Oh, and to drink we had Honest Tea. My favorite type of tea because it is kept simple and just a hint of sweetness. To make this picnic even better, we rode our bikes to the spot. I love riding my bike. Any day is made better with a simple bike ride. At least for me. Oh, we also were practicing our free-style skills during this picnic. It was funny and ridiculous at the same time. I wish I could post some examples, but they’re just too darn inappropriate.


By the way, that’s Mike. You will probably see him come up again in other posts because we usually do things together. He’s pretty great. He’s also funny. So Blog meet Mike, Mike meet Blog. I’m glad we finally had this introduction.

Currently learning: Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. And yes, this includes blemishes and car traffic.

Current listen:  Morning Song by the Avett Brothers (I’m obsessed.)


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