Simple Christmas

It has been quite a long time since my last post. Since then, I have completed my first semester through Saybrook University and am finally able to get caught up on other things, including my sleep. It was a bit of a challenge working full-time and participating in graduate school as a full-time student but I managed. Since my semester ended in mid-December, I was able to enjoy Christmas without the stress of pressing deadlines for papers and am looking forward to celebrating the upcoming new year.

Christmas was extra-special this year as I got to spend it with my best friend, Mike. We spent the morning with my family sipping coffee and eating peanut butter banana toast (our favorite breakfast). Our Christmas together was kept rather simple and I wouldn’t have wanted it to occur any other way. Time, intentionality, and thoughtfulness have been the qualities our relationship have been based upon, all of which have encouraged both of us to lead a simpler lifestyle. Prior to Christmas, we decided that we wouldn’t go overboard with presents for each other, but rather make something for one another or buy something small that was meaningful. One of the presents Mike thoughtfully chose for me was a cookbook entitled, The Kinfolk Table. If you haven’t yet, I encourage all to take a look at this book. It’s absolutely beautiful and kept so eloquently simple.

Mike and I plan to pick a recipe to make this weekend. I’ll make sure to include photos of what we made later this weekend.




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