skating fear to the curb

Last year prior to my 26th birthday, I decided I wanted to skateboard. Borrowing M’s brother’s unused skateboard, I began learning. Then M bought me my very own skateboard for my birthday. It’s one of my favorite gifts I have ever received.

Skateboarding was not just about learning a new hobby, something I always had wanted to learn when I was younger as I watched my older brother skate, but was more. It was about reliving that feeling when you first learned how to ride a bicycle without training wheels, facing my fear of just standing on the skateboard without falling, and more importantly, sticking with it and not giving up because I couldn’t ollie on my first try.

Almost two months ago, the skatepark was emptying out as the sun began to set. It was just M and I and he had been videotaping me learn how to create momentum on the half-pipe (and there was an epic sunset in the background). Before we left, he showed me something new––getting both the front and back wheels lifted up over a little ledge. I managed to get it one time after several attempts and wanted to try it again now that I felt like I had an idea of what I was doing. Long story short…back wheels got stuck and my board flew forward and I flew backward catching myself with my hand. What happened next? Fractured elbow.

During the healing time, I continued to watch skate videos of people doing both awesome tricks and falling. Though my fracture is healed, I still have some work to do to get it strengthened and fully straightened. But today, I knew I needed to get back on the skateboard before I allowed fear to win.

And, I did.


(and yes, that is the little ledge that led to my fall.)

“Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” ~Unknown


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