introducing foils

Over the past year, taking care of myself and discovering ways of creating calm environments have led to a passion of learning about essential oils and aromatherapy.

Many of my initial creations (some requiring readjusting of ratios and some keepers) have turned into gifts for family and friends. From homemade jewelry to linen sprays, yoga mat sprays to oil rollers, it’s been so much fun experimenting with different scents and learning about the different properties and what they are best used for. A few people have asked why I don’t sell them on Etsy… Hmm, I never had really thought about it! While I’m not prepared yet to start selling on Etsy, I’m working toward that goal and I wanted to bring you all with me along the way.

Now and in the next coming months, I’ll be experimenting more with recipes, types of bottles, and labels. I’ll be researching how I want to brand and developing a signature look and scent that screams “Ashley.”

M designed my logo one night as a “joke” in under a minute after I said, “You should help me create a logo to print on a label!” After revealing what he drew, I said in a confused tone, “Foils?” M laughed and said, “Yeah, Frank’s oils.” Me: “I LOVE IT!”

And there you have it. The beginning of FOILS.

To begin the process of seeing how the label may work, I printed some out on Avery labels I had stored away. Now to start the refinement process…

I’m excited and look forward to sharing with you all!


One of my favorite linen sprays featuring: Lavender, Orange, and Roman Chamomile


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