Past year or so, I have really begun to focus on self-care, learning to rest my body and mind in loving ways and not feel guilty about doing so. Some of that has included creating again through painting, playing with clay and making jewelry with the beads I bake out of clay, learning about essential oils and creating blends that calm my mind. Other ways have included focusing on exercise, eating foods for nourishment, and taking a little extra time to care for my skin with a special nighttime routine. The most surprising way, though, has been owning an actual pair of pajamas.

For Christmas, M bought me a pair of pajamas from a store I always would just window shop from, Madewell. While I had mentioned about wanting an actual set of pajamas for Christmas, I did not expect to receive a pair from a store in which I admired from the outside. I’ve never owned a pair of pajamas such as these. They are soft, stretchy, and cozy. They make me feel ready for nighttime. And they make nighttime and all my routines with skincare feel much more special and separate from my daytime. I never thought about how wearing actual pajamas for bed, not workout t-shirts and leggings that I also wear to not only work out in but to run errands or meet a friend for coffee, would make a difference. These pajamas are worth every penny. I’m not saying you need an expensive pair of pajamas to achieve a feeling of readiness for nighttime, a feeling of being worthy to find rest for your body and mind at the end of the day. But I would certainly encourage you all to stop wearing clothing that you wear to workout in or retired t-shirts with holes and leggings to bed. I still find myself at times throwing on a pair of leggings and old t-shirt to go to bed and my night feels much differently, much less intimate and important, as compared to when I’m wearing my pajamas. Go out and get yourself a pair of actual pajamas that make your body feel it is time to rest. Our bodies deserve it.

My Christmas Pajamas


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